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S10 Stun Grenade

S10 Stun Grenade

Product Information
 More commonly referred to as the Stun Grenade, this robust,
Multi burst device, in operational form delivers 182 dB (z Peak) and over 2,000,000 candela of blinding green flash per burst. Whilst still subjecting the receiver to a punishing 3.78psi of over blast pressure on function, making it suitable for use in both confined spaces and larger indoor areas were effective neutralisation of a suspect is paramount.
Stun placement is key to any successful operation, unlike all other distraction devices currently available on the market, the S10 Multiburst NFDD is static from the point of main function onwards. This has been made possible by its unique dual venting system. Meaning upon deployment, the device does not move more than 300mm axially, significantly reducing the risk of injury to both users, during training exercises and suspects in live operations.
Research has shown that the use of green flash technology (Range 550 nano metres) affects the human eyes spectral response time for far longer than traditional white or yellow flash units. The S10 NFDD Operational is the only unit of its kind to incorporate this unique feature, further disorientating the receivers, giving rapid entry teams more cover to take control of dangerous situations.
The Product range has been classified and authorised by:
HSE (Explosives Inspectorate) as Articles Pyrotechnic for Technical Purposes.
Hazard, Division & Compatibility Group: 1.4 S
Packing group 2. Packing method P135. 25 Units per box.
Net Explosive Content 216.5g
It is compliant with all IATA, ADR 2009 & IMDG Transport Regulations, making it suitable for International Freight.
Full MSDS Information is available on request.

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